Shreyas’ Notes

History of Modern Africa

HIST 223

spring, senior year

western concept of slavery

slavery in africa

issues with the western model of slavery


definitions of slavery

modes of production of enslaved people

use of slaves in africa

(corporate) “kin group”/outsiders

under western slavery, once you’re enslaved, it’s joever. slavery vs freedom/autonomy

in african societies, slavery vs belonging. some social mobility among the enslaved. freedom != individual autonomy, but attachment to a kin group or patron

Afonso I: “oopsie”


christian missions in the 19th century attempted to evangelize using narratives of enslaved people.

king leopold’s ghost

Forced conscription §

The Lieutenant of Kouta §

Maji Maji Rebellion (1905–1907) §

Mau Mau Rebellion §

Africa Must Unite —Kwame Nkrumah §

Chapter: Building Socialism in Ghana

Ujamaa §

Burkina Faso §